Louis Koerner


Who am I?

I suppose we could start with a director/DP who is most comfortable with a camera in his hands and plenty of happy clients in his wake. Always thought that was plenty enough to manage, but now the commercial and digital worlds are asking for so much more and I've never been happier or felt more challenged. Perhaps now one would "reclassify" me as a content & image capture specialist. We still shoot plenty of spots every year, but split time now with digital media campaigns for TV and web and, wow, has that world opened up new challenges for me. Now we're telling stories from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, mostly based on the stories of real people and I feel very comfortable with that. I've been lucky enough to work in virtually every condition and in some of the more interesting places on the globe - you will typically find me in boots, not shoes.

I bring a wealth of experience and high energy to every project, and when I am not working on a campaign you can find me home in New Orleans with my family or down in Costa Rica working on my ranch there.